Roblox vs Minecraft comparative

Roblox vs Minecraft comparative

If you are in the gamer environment you should know that there are two games that for some years have harvested a lot of fans and have become icons of creative games.

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It’s very true that fans of both Roblox and Minecraft defend their favorite games at all costs, creating a very strong debate in recent years, so among so many arguments from the fans, you may wonder how to know which is the better?

That’s why we present you with a comparison that will help you know the differences between these two games so you can decide, according to your tastes, which one of the two you will start playing.

What characterizes these two games?

The first thing to keep in mind is that despite the differences between Minecraft and Roblox there are many elements in common, such as the fact that they develop creativity, problem-solving, math skills, and cooperation in children. However, each one has its own characteristics:


Minecraft logo

  • It is better for adventurous, creative, and solitary players that enjoy exploring in tranquility and although it has a multiplayer mode, this one is not essential to play.
  • It does not require a connection to the Internet to work.
  • It is not free.
  • It has many activities within the game.
  • It allows to create content by the users.
  • It is more complex as far as the interaction of the character with the world.


Roblox logo

  • It is a social game, it is completely multiplayer.
  • It is free but requires an internet connection and a subscription for advanced modes.
  • It allows to play a great variety of games.
  • They have high quality games.
  • It offers the opportunity to generate income through the creation of own games with the Roblox Studio mode.


The comparison below focuses on several aspects: Ease of use, game modes, characters and graphics.

Ease of use

Both games have a high difficulty level, although this will depend on the game mode or type of game selected.

For both Minecraft and Roblox there is the possibility to learn it while interacting in the different worlds and game modes, as well as through thousands of videos and tutorials created by their fans to help you discover how to make the best use of their features.

That is, both games as they are played are learning to operate with more skill.

When it comes to downloading and installing it’s much easier to do with Roblox, while for Minecraft there are certain complications when it comes to choosing between the different launchers.

Game Modes

Each of these games offers different experiences. In the case of Roblox, there are many different types of games in terms of scenarios and objectives. There are games for all tastes, from games of competition, fashionistas, cities, skills, among many others.

Thanks to the fact that this game is enriched with the users’ creations the possibilities are innumerable. You can also create your own games.

Minecraft is a game that is limited to 5 modes: survival, adventure, creative, extreme, and spectator, each one provides you with different experiences and varying levels of difficulty. These modes can be experienced in different worlds that are infinite, dynamic, and full of surprises.

This type of game allows you to develop your creativity by allowing you to build, create tools, explore the environments and interact with them, as well as survive the attacks of zombies and other beings.

Characters or avatars

Roblox allows you to create for each game a completely customized avatar with a variety of skins that you can choose with just one click. The clothing of the characters is very detailed and varied.

For its part, Minecraft has many limitations in this aspect but also allows you to add different skins to the avatars, these are not very detailed due to the aesthetics of the game.



graphics in minecraft image


Roblox graphics

Minecraft is distinguished by having a style of pixel graphics that many love, gives it a very particular aesthetic and also allows it to be much easier to run on computers of any kind.

Everything is designed on the basis of cubes that work as construction elements in all environments and are made of a variety of materials that give the possibility of creating without limits.

Roblox graphics are more realistic, smooth and full of detail, the characters resemble toys, although the backgrounds are much simpler. Although the quality of the graphics may vary from game to game, some are more detailed and deep than others and may require a good capacity graphics card.

Now you only have to try each of these games so you can decide for yourself which one is the best, but that will depend on your personality and personal preferences because both are incredible.

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