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Who hasn’t spent hours in front of the computer creating the weirdest or most luxurious lives you can imagine?

The fun in The Sims saga seems to have no end, as it is the perfect blend of creativity, innovation, story and graphics, all together in an iconic life simulator that keeps reinventing itself over the years.

And the fact is, few games of this style manage to give us the entertainment that EA Games provides. However, there are certain titles that are worth knowing for the simple fact of expanding our gamer world.

Below, we’ll leave you with a list of the best deliveries similar to The Sims, available on different platforms.

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Second Life


You probably already know this simulator for PC online, which just like The Sims, has managed to update its playground in an impeccable way. In fact, despite being almost 20 years old, it still has a huge number of active users.

The biggest difference between the Electronic Arts saga and Second Life is the connection with the real world since the socialization options of the former are limited to characters managed by oneself or by the program, while in the latter, interactions are established with real people with whom you can share virtually in walks, group activities, concerts, etc.

As for the similarities, what stands out the most is the immense range of features, wigs, clothes, and other customization items, giving us the opportunity to let our imagination run wild and create thousands of unique avatars, as well as build the dream house.

Creating an account is completely free. However, the acquisition of land, goods or services, is done through commercial transactions using the Linden Dollar as the official currency.

Virtual Families 2


If you’re truly looking for a game similar to Virtual Families 2, Virtual Families 2 is the most accurate offline title for PC.

Its dynamic focuses on the family facet, meaning that our character has to get a partner, get married, have children, raise them and make sure their lineage lasts over time. Also, we have the option to decorate the interior of the chosen house in the style we want as we complete tasks.

At first, it may seem somewhat basic, however, its level of interactivity both inside and outside the home will bring more than a smile to your face.



Let its simplicity not fool you, because this mobile app developed by Candywriter will make the hours fly by.

The game is based on making various types of decisions as the programmed character grows.

As expected, each of the decisions made will have repercussions on the evolution of the game, often having unexpected consequences. Such as the random events that occurred in The Sims, but without its wonderful graphic section, since this is limited to show us text windows and a few simple style icons.

Avakin Life


Compatible with Andriod and iOs, Avakin Life is Second Life 2.0, but with a greater focus on fashion. The strength of this virtual simulator is the incredible variety of content in clothes, outfits, shoes, accessories, and styling of all kinds, which you can share with millions of people around the world, through the chat room open 24 hours a day.

Also, this online life offers hundreds of decorative objects to design our home, from chairs, flooring, and upholstery to lamps and showers.

There is no doubt that it tries to be as realistic as possible and go with the trends of the moment, a point that we appreciate quite a lot in the gamer community.

Animal Crossing


Proclaimed as a classic of the current era, this exploration and simulation game has enough merits to be compared to the SIM saga.

Life in the Animal Crossing universe flies by with construction, interior decorating, gardening, animal walks, chats with neighbors, and discoveries of fossils and insects. Nothing to do with stressful quests, except when Tom Nook, the annoying raccoon town owner who specializes in collecting mortgages, shows up.

Originally the open-system game was intended for Nintendo 3DS, luckily versions for Wii, Nintendo Switch, and Gamecube are already on the market, while only the Pocket Camp version was released for Android and iOS.

The Pocket Camp version was released for Android and iOS.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is ultimately the tender, online version of any PC life simulator. Here, we are tasked with accomplishing chores, tending to the land, catching butterflies, attending events, fishing, tending to animals, and maintaining a happy country life with our neighbors.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

On certain occasions, we will be able to communicate with other people in the multiplayer mode, but the most normal thing is interacting with a non-playable character, given that the development of the game is focused on the completion of objectives to advance and be rewarded in the story.

Its mobile design for both iOs and Android is fantastic, and although it moves away a bit from the original title, it doesn’t lose its essence.



With a theme belonging to the same line as that of The Sims, IMVU transfers all its magic to the Internet to turn it into a kind of very cool social network, full of personalized avatars capable of establishing real relationships through the game.

It should be emphasized that the main objective of the platform is not to simulate lives, but to offer a comfortable and different space for users to socialize with each other in the multiple chat rooms available to them, kind of like Avakin Life does, for example.

House Flipper


It has as its premise the construction and decoration of homes, an aspect super-exploited in EA Games software since many players used the program solely for the purpose of carrying out their architectural fantasies and nothing more.

In view of this, Empyrean, in company with Frozen District and Ultimate Games, developed this ultra-realistic images videogame, where the challenge is to renovate an old house and turn it into a habitable property.

Available for Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS Classic, Xbox One, and GNU/Linux



Came straight out of the same studio as The Sims, this extraterrestrial-themed game called Spore is a real blast, packed with strategy, fun, and originality. The mechanics are the same, be born, grow, build a house, work, and overcome the day-to-day, but this time in space.

The difference lies in that, we can play with creatures of different species, which if we take good care throughout their various evolutionary stages, will reach a prominent place in the society of that planet, even colonizing galaxies from a spaceship.



It had its heyday around 2005 when we spent hours and hours in Internet cafes greeting any avatar that crossed our path and making friendships that didn’t last long.

Habbo Hotel (as it was called before) is a space to socialize and surrender to leisure without leaving home, even now it has a simple system in which we can schedule custom activities to play with our group.

The graphics still leave much to be desired, but we can’t complain, the appearance items are sufficient, the architecture section has improved and the interaction alternatives are still wonderful.

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a mix between a safari videogame and the latest installment of The Sims, the result? an extraordinary virtual zoo that we must manage.

With so many animals to take care of, there is no shortage of work, the care list includes feeding, cleaning, stimulating them, providing them with suitable habitat, vaccinating, and monitoring the health of the offspring. Likewise, there is a need to invest in the construction of parks, paths, commercial premises, and food sales, to generate more income, gain fame, and keep the zoo in perfect condition.

We could say that it is the optimized successor of Zoo Tycoon, thanks to its complex performance that entertains and promotes the love for nature.

Dream House Days


The aesthetics of Dream House Days reminds us a bit of the dollhouse of our childhood, basic rules that work perfectly with the objective of the game.

From the beginning, we will have to exploit the facet of architect and get down to work to materialize the desired house. Then, we will have to furnish it, get tenants and climb to the real estate hall of fame, while influencing the decisions of those who live there.

The challenge is to manage resources with a clinical eye, ensure that neighbors pay on time, and have no complaints about the home, as their behavior is in response to the condition of the apartment.

Stardew Valley is a great place to be.

Stardew Valley


Who said The Sims can’t have an indie sibling? Stardew Valley is proof that they can.

The retro pixel-style art style that accompanies the calm evolution of the farm suits it phenomenally well. The only requirement this game demand is time to complete the tasks of cleaning, farming, earning money, building, raising animals, and assembling contraptions to process the raw materials.

The game’s only requirement is time to complete the tasks of cleaning, farming, earning money, building, raising animals, and assembling contraptions to process the raw materials.

If you have a PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or a computer with software superior to Windows 7, 2 GB RAM, and 500 MB of space, run to try it out.

Youtubers Life


It’s been a while since the influence of YouTubers surpassed social networks, and it’s hard to deny that at least once in our lives we’ve imagined what a day in the shoes of these celebrities would be like.

Youtubers Life offers us the possibility of creating a YouTuber from 0 and guiding him to career stardom, without forgetting to take care of his basic needs. The secret of the game is to balance your daily, social, love, and family life, with smart work strategies that allow you to reach a greater number of followers.

This U-Play proposal can be played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Linux

Tomodachi Life


You only have to watch it for a couple of minutes to realize that it manages a formula capable of connecting with different generations, thanks to the simplicity of its gameplay. Nintendo was able to detect the failures of previous social simulators, creating Tomodachi Life with the intention of renewing the genre.

The starting point is an island that we must inhabit. As we progress, more characters will appear to accompany our Mii, so we will also unlock stores, parks, cafes, and shops of all kinds.

These inhabitants have to be constantly monitored to satisfy their needs and avoid social problems such as fights, loneliness, desire to make new friends, among others.

Home Street


Home Street is the ideal title to express creativity in every detail that the videogame offers. In it, we will create and decorate the home of our dreams, join the community and discover hidden talents, while experiencing wonderful adventures.

The scope of its network is global, which gives us the opportunity to interact with users from any country as if we were next door. There are no limits.

Downloading it from the Play Store or iStore is completely free. However, the acquisition of certain objects and benefits must be done with real money. In case you do not have any transaction planned, there is the option to disable to buy, located in the settings section of our mobile.

If you do not have any transaction planned, there is the option to disable to buy, located in the settings section of our mobile.

High School Girl Life

Reliving adolescence has never been so rewarding. High School Life recreates high school days with accuracy, friends, dates, classes, mall getaways, and exciting end-of-the-year dances.

The interface is interactive, intuitive, and with adorable graphics. In the same, we will find 5 clothing stores full of outfits and accessories of the latest fashion. Similarly, there is a chat room where we can meet with our conquest or group of friends to attend the most top events. It’s practically the teenager edition of The Sims online aimed at the female audience.

So far it has an almost 4 stars rating, placing it as one of the free role-playing games best rated.

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