8 games similar to League of Legends


We know what you’re looking for when you enter this top. It’s that game similar to our beloved LoL, the one that so attracts the gaming community. It is no lie that it is one of the best MOBAs or the best that exists, but something that is clear is its popularity in the world.  To the point that this game has become one of the most famous within e-sports.

Here we present you with different games that are very similar to the acclaimed LoL and that are not far behind.

Here we present you with different games that are very similar to the acclaimed LoL and that are not far behind.

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What is a MOBA game?

For those who do not know what is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), it refers to a type of game in which two teams face each other on a battlefield in real-time, each composed of 5 players with different characters and roles. All this in order to destroy the enemy base and thus win the game.

The most famous is League of Legends, but there are others that are similar and you can try them.



If what you’re looking for is a game with a MOBA dynamic but with the camera in the third person and that feels much more action, SMITE is what you’re looking for.

SMITE is what you’re looking for.

Created by the same company of Paladins, that game similar to Overwatch but totally free, we have this marvel of a game in which there are several game modes and above all an incredible variety of gods or characters.

SMITE is the one for you.

These gods to choose from are based on different cultures of the past, from Egyptian gods to Japanese gods. We love this, as we can even play as King Arthur! Each of the gods has different abilities, characteristics, and roles. Which if grouped together in a smart way you can synergize and win much faster.

On the classic map, there are the 3 lanes, a jungle in between each lane containing neutral monsters with unique rewards for defeating them.

From your base will come allies called “minions”, which are in charge of holding the borders so you can destroy the defenses. Your goal is to take out the opposing team’s titan and defend your own.


  • 3rd person camera
  • It’s similar to a shooter.
  • Graphics is similar to World of Warcraft.

Heroes of the Storm


If you’re a fan of games like WarcraftOverwatch, and other releases from the Blizzard studio, this game features many of the characters from these wonderful releases.

It should be noted that to win games in this game, a lot of teamwork is needed. So here you won’t be able to master with “Master Q” and kill everyone by yourself.

This installment was born out of the fame and excitement brought by League of Legends in e-Sports and the oblivion for Blizzard games. It was a great hit for its time in 2015, although in recent years it hasn’t had much popularity. Nonetheless, it’s a great game and we recommend it to you.

In addition to its graphical apartment and bringing characters that bring us nostalgia, it has a dynamic that is different from a classic MOBA, and this is why it is not finished to be considered within this genre. But in our opinion, it’s the same modality but with different mechanics.

It has the typical: a base to attack, minions to hold the lines and attack, neutral monsters, and so on.

What’s different is that experience gained is shared among the entire team, and as you level up you are awarded talent points that improve your character. These talents can synergize with other teammates and are key to ensure that victory we covet so much. So remember: Work as a team


  • Importance of teamwork
  • Highly polished graphics.
  • Nostalgic characters.



You’ve probably heard about the rivalry that exists between LoL and DOTA. Fans of each universe always try to argue which one is the best, but this is already a matter of taste. DOTA 2 is always the other option for those who do not play League of legends thanks to its popularity and number of players.

But something that must be recognized by part and part is that LoL has much more fame, instead, DOTA was the father of the MOBA and in the old days (2010-2013) was much more polished than LoL.

Here the dynamic is the same, there are 2 bases. Your team’s and the enemy’s, you must defend yours at all costs and destroy the enemy one. This is called “ancestor”, and it is followed by several towers for each lane (3 in total).

Every 30 seconds, creatures called “creeps” come out of each base and support you to attack the enemy. When you kill them, they will give you gold and the experience you will need to level up.

Its graphics are brightly lit, have high contrast, and look like a very bright forest. The difference in this one is the gameplay, many complain about the difficulty it has or the complication with the “heroes” (which there are more than 120 to choose from).

They are very bright, have high contrast, and look like a very bright forest.


  • A distinct and energetic atmosphere
  • The gameplay is more difficult than other games of this style.
  • Extensive level system (up to 30 levels for each hero).

Heroes of Newerth


Considered in the shadows, it is actually a true father of MOBAs. HoN was a gem in its time and took the market by storm. Unfortunately, the rivalry between League of Legends and Dota 2 made HoN a forgotten title.

It’s a title that has been forgotten for years.

By 2017 the game would have its last update, no more new content would be added to the game. But even its servers are still open, making it an excellent MOBA alternative based on Warcraft III and DOTA maps.

The game consists of the classic, 3 distinct lanes, and a jungle intermediating between each. Towers in each lane that defend the path until you reach the base, from which come the famous “minions” that give you experience and gold.

To win, you must level up your hero and buy the best equipment. With this, you will be able to take on rival heroes and destroy the enemy base. There are more than 100 heroes to play with different skills and roles.


  • Dynamic performance
  • Maps based on Warcraft and Dota.
  • Polished graphics.
  • Multiple characters.

Recommended MOBA games for Android and IOS

From here we will introduce you to the games that we recommend for Android and IOS. And yes, it is possible to play MOBAS on our mobile device. Among these are:

League of Legends: Wild Rift


It often happens to us that we wish we could play League of Legends on our phones, with our favorite characters like Jinx or Darius, but we could only find copies everywhere. It wasn’t until October 2020 when Wild Rift came out and we got what we wanted.

If you haven’t heard, the company Riot Games was announcing a LoL for mobile, which is delivered and brought us, Wild Rift. This is a version of LoL with some changes in terms of map details, much more polished graphics, and different mechanics.

This is the game.

This is the ideal game for us LoL fans, plus it will no longer be so destructive in our relationships because the games last much less (15 to 25 min). In addition, it is more dynamic and the mechanics that cost us so much in the PC LoL, here are easy to apply.

The game contains some very attractive effects and runs smoothly on not so high-end phones, but it does ask for considerable requirements. You can take this as a negative if you have a phone with very low software, as it won’t work.

The game contains some very attractive effects and runs smoothly on not-so-high-end phones, but it does ask for considerable requirements.


  • Theme completely attached to LoL.
  • High-level graphics.
  • Highly dynamic gameplay and the games are shorter.
  • Easy to play.

Arena of Valor: Arena 5vs5


If you’re looking for an alternative to League of Legends that has nothing to do with the theme if not the dynamic itself, this is the game for you. In addition, it does not require many requirements and you can play it on that old phone from 2015 that you still have.

In this one, we find an extensive variety of heroes to use with unique abilities. Also with their roles of damage, tank, assassin, among others.

The game, in addition to having the basic 5vs5 arena mode, brings us other options to offer greater diversity to the games. So if you get bored of the typical map with the 3 lanes and the jungle, you have many varieties to choose from.

Also, the camera of our game is in 3rd person, giving us that change that maybe we needed. The controls are very easy and you can adapt them to your style of play. Sincerely a great alternative for mobile.

This one works with a league system, in which you can move up by playing special games. When you win, you are awarded stars, and when you lose they are taken away. The more you have, the higher rank you are and the more you can brag to your friends.

The more stars you have, the higher you rank and the more you can brag to your friends.


  • Good performance, low requirements
  • 3rd person camera
  • A large variety of characters.
  • Much a variety of characters.
  • More diverse scenery.



Now let’s go with the flashiest MOBAs with the best fame among all. One of them is “Vainglory”, whose dynamics and aesthetics are too reminiscent of League of Legends. It has the classic 5vs5 game mode but also brings us a map for 3vs3.

Those LoL veterans like us will remember the Twisted Forest, a map that no longer exists today, but we remember it fondly. Well, in Vainglory there is the 3vs3 mode that without any doubt makes us change that classic game mode that can bore us.

The rest, what it offers us is the usual, the classic MOBA with its alterations. But you will have to farm those minions, finish with those objectives and use in a good way the skills to destroy your enemy.

The rest is the same as always, the classic MOBA with its alterations.

Vainglory offers 43 heroes to use, all with their abilities and different roles. You will have to have a good composition that covers all the necessary roles and thus make synergy with your team.

In addition, there is a neutral monster called Kraken, which is one of the key determinants in destroying the enemy’s base. This appears at minute 15 and its function is to destroy the enemy’s structures. This is one of the unique points of Vainglory.


  • Many game modes
  • Quite a large player community.
  • Partnership with League of Legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


We’ve all seen those YouTube ads that overwhelm us with Mobile Legends. This game bears a very strong resemblance to League of Legends and is the most famous among all mobile MOBAs.

We recommend this wonderful mobile game if you don’t want to be a part of the LoL community anymore, plus many of its usable characters have a kinship with those of Runeterra.

Many users doubt ML because of Wild Rift’s release, but in our opinion it has several points that may interest you. Above all one of the most important, is that it requires very few requirements, so you can use it on almost any device.

Mobile Legends has many kinships with the king of MOBAs on PC, but it also has its exclusivities. The graphic section is much more enlightened and attractive to the eye with that contrast that it offers us.

The variety of champions does not fall short either, as it has more than 100 heroes to select from. Each with their abilities, roles and builds. In addition to this, it is guaranteed by the game itself that the games last less than 30 minutes. Normally they take between 15 and 20 min.


  • Relationship with LoL and at the same time different characteristics.
  • Very high performance and top-notch graphics.
  • Comfortable and very easy to play.
  • Fluid and fast gameplay.

So here we leave you a list of games similar to League of Legends and that most of the time go beyond being a simple copy, as they have their particular aspects and various features. So try to try the one that catches your attention and suits your needs. You will not regret it.

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