Clash Royale: TOP 10 X-Bow decks


Whether you are a new player or a well-experienced player, here are a lot of X-Bow decks for you to play with!

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The X-Bow it’s an Epic card that costs 6 Elixir. It’s considered a Win-Condition building, but later on, you’ll find that on some occasions you only use it as a defensive card. Keep reading to see the best decks with X-bow and copy your favorite one.

Top 10 X-Bow decks

1.X-Bow 3.0

X-bow cycle 3.0

copy this deck

This deck has a 3.0 elixir cost. It’s the most played X-bow deck, and very free-to-play friendly, as it only has The Log as a Legendary card (which can be used under-leveled).

It has a quick cycle that shines in double elixir time.

Use your X-Bow to damage the opposite tower when the opponent uses high-elixir cards from behind and be ready to defend with your Tesla, Knight, Archers.

2. X-Bow 3.0 with Electro Spirit

X-bow cycle with Electro Spirit

copy this deck

This deck has a 3.0 elixir cost. The second most played X-Bow deck and it’s the same as the TOP 1 but changing Ice Spirit for Electro Spirit.

Focus on defense and only use X-Bow offensively if you have an elixir advantage.

3. X-Bow Rocket cycle


copy this deck

This deck has a 3.6 elixir cost. It’s a high elixir cost deck for an X-Bow due to Rocket, but it’s so strong defensively.

In this case, we can say that the X-Bow has a secondary role as a win condition since the rocket becomes your main win condition almost always.

Defend properly and use Rocket (only on double or triple elixir) on the enemy’s tower if you have an elixir advantage or you’re aware that you can defend the enemy’s attack.

4. X-Bow Rocket cycle with Knight

X-bow Rocket

copy this deck

This deck has a 3.5 elixir cost. It’s the same deck as the TOP 3 X-Bow deck but using Knight instead of Valkyrie.

Even that I prefer this version cause it’s 1 elixir cheaper, the Valkyrie does a great job against Goblin Drill, which is everywhere.

Same as the past deck, defend and attack with Rockets. Use the X-Bow offensively only if they are not able to defend it, and if they do, use it defensively only. As I above-mentioned, X-Bow is your secondary win condition, not the main one.

5. Classic 2.9 X-Bow


copy this deckThis deck has a 2.9 elixir cost. It’s the same deck as the 3.0 X-Bow but using Ice Golem instead of Knight. You can also use Electro Spirit instead of Ice Spirit.

This deck cycles faster than the rest, it was considered the best X-Bow deck for a long time but now it has been fallen apart due to the new versions. Even that, is still one of the strongest X-Bow decks due to its fast cycle.

6. X-Bow 3.0 with Fire Spirit

X-Bow-3.0-with-Fire-Spiritcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.0 elixir cost. This is the Fire Spirit version of the 3.0 X-Bow deck.

The Fire Spirit used to be three instead of one, but with fewer hit points and lower AoE, and 2 Elixir cost instead of 1 that is now. This change made Fire Spirits so viable as they don’t die by a Zap Spell.

Play this deck as the other X-bow decks, try every 3.0 X-Bow decks version and choose your favorite one.

7. Double siege X-bow Mortar


copy this deck

This deck has a 3.3 elixir cost. It has Mortar and X-bow as win conditions.

The difference is that you’ll have more problems dealing with Air Troops as your only air defense is Tesla. If you do it correctly, you can activate King Tower using Tesla and Mortar if the enemy uses a Balloon.

8. X-Bow Rocket with Valkyrie and Fire Spirit


copy this deck

This deck has a 3.4 elixir cost. It uses Rocket as a strong spell instead of Fireball.

In this case, the Rocket is not your main win condition, but it helps a lot due to its high damage.

9. X-Bow Rocket with Bomber


copy this deck

This deck has a 3.0 elixir cost. It has a great cycle even using Rocket but it has less air defense.

This deck is used due to Goblin Drill because Bomber counters it so easily.

Be ready to use the Rocket in defense against strong attacks and especially air attacks with Balloon.

10. X-bow Rocket cycle with Musketeer


copy this deck

This deck has a 3.4 elixir cost. In this case, we’re using Musketeer instead of Archers.

This deck has a strong defense overall, great against air attacks due to Musketeer and Tesla. Defensive Rockets are so useful but as the TOP 2 and TOP 3 decks, you must use them offensively to destroy the enemy’s tower.

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