Magic Items in Clash Royale (2021 update)

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To be honest, Magic Items are the best thing it could happen to this game since its release. It gives the players above King Level 4 the opportunity to level up their cards way faster than usual.

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Keep reading to see all about Magic Items in Clash Royale.

What are Magic Items?

Magic Items gives you particular cards (Wild Cards and Books of Cards), items to upgrade your cards without spending any gold (Magic Coin), and an item to instantly open your Chest (Chest Key). Those items can be found in Trophy Road reward, special offers in the Clash Royale Shop, in some Chests, also in some Special Challenges, and as always, on Pass Royale. Magic Items each also have an inventory limit, which depends on the player’s King level.  At the end of this post, you’ll find a some tables with the Inventory Limits.

Types of Magic Items

Here I’ll explain to you all types of magic items and how you should use them.

Wild Cards

Wild cards There are 4 categories of Wild Cards, the same as normal Cards (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). You can use this Wild Card to acquire any card that you need. Note that these cards can only be used if you have raised the level of the card to your maximum possible level. For example, if you have a card level 9 but you can upgrade it to level 11, then, until you upgrade that card to level 11, you cannot use the Wild Cards to obtain that card. As I mentioned above, Wild Cards can be obtained from Chests, Trophy Road, Special Challenges, Shop offers, and Pass Royale. Every card obtained from a Chest (above Arena 4) has a possibility to become a Wild Card of that rarity, check out the following table to see the percentages.

Chest drop Rates of Wild Cards

Arena Common Wild Card common Rare Wild Card rare Epic Wild Card Epic Legendary Wild Card Legendary
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse 5% 25%
Spell Valley
Builder’s Workshop
Royal Arena 7.5% 5%
Frozen Peak
Jungle Arena 10% 7.5%
Hog Mountain
Electro Valley 15% 10%
Spooky Town
Legendary Arena 20% 15%
This means that each time you’re obtaining, for example, a Legendary from a Chest, this Legendary has a 25% chance to be transformed into a Wild Card, so you will be able to choose which one you want to use. King’s Chests and Legendary King’s Chests are guaranteed to give Wild Cards. The difference is that you can’t obtain a Legendary Wild Card from these chests if you didn’t reach Arena 7 (Royal Arena).

Books of Cards

Book-of-Cards These Books of Cards are the best Magic items in Clash Royale. They are used to completely fill up the upgrading bar of a card of a particular rarity. For example, you have a Legendary Card at level 12 but with 0/20 for upgrading it to the maximum level, a Legendary Book of Cards Legendary or Book of Books (any rarity) will fill it up to 20/20. You can obtain Book of Cards via Shop offers, and always one type of Book of Cards will be acquired by earning crowns, on the free side of Pass Royale. On the other hand, the Book of Books can only be acquired by buying the Pass Royale. I highly recommend buying the Pass Royale right now due to the Book of Books, the Pass Royale is so high-rewarding right now as you can get 20 Legendary cards. Doing maths, only by buying it in the Shop, 20 Legendary cards are 800,000 gold. A Book of Cards will not compensate the player for extra cards as it will fill the upgrading bar, it doesn’t give you a concrete number of cards. Besides this, you can trick it to obtain Gold using Trade Tokens. For example, you have Bandit at 3/20, you can use 3 Trade Tokens to get Bandit to 0/20, use the Book of Cards and then cancel the trades to gold Gold in compensation. In this case, the limit of how many Book of Cards you can have is 1. If you accept the book when the inventory is full, you’ll receive 100 Gems, no matter which book rarity it is.

Magic Coin

Magic coin Magic Coins are used to instantly level up a card that has already the necessary number of cards. By using this, you won’t spend any gold if you want to upgrade a level of a card. Try to use it on a level 12 card so you will save 100,000 Gold. You can obtain Magic Coins from Shop offers or buying the Pass Royale.

Chest Key

Chest-Key Chest Keys are used to open a locked Chest without using Gems. Chest Keys can be obtained via Shop Offers, free and paid side of Pass Royale, and from Special Challenges. The maximum limit is 10 if you’re level 13, and it gives you 100 Gold if you over-exceed this limit.

Inventory Limits

As I above-mentioned, here’s a couple of Tables with the inventory limits of each Magic Item:

Wild Cards

King Level Common Wild Card common Rare Wild Card rare Epic Wild Card Epic Legendary Wild Card Legendary
4 50 20 2 1
5 50 20 4 1
6 50 20 4 1
7 100 20 10 1
8 200 50 10 1
9 400 100 10 1
10 800 200 20 2
11 1000 400 50 4
12 2000 800 100 10
13 5000 1000 200 20

Chest Keys

King Level Chest Keys  Chest-key
4 5
5 5
6 5
7 5
8 5
9 6
10 7
11 8
12 9
13 10
Book of Cards and Magic Coin have a maximum inventory limit of 1. Useful information: if you buy Magic Item via Shop offer, you’ll be allowed to exceed the inventory limit. Be sure to check the following posts that might be interesting for you:
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