TOP 10 Log Bait decks in Clash Royale


The Log Bait is a Deck Archetype that consists in make your opponent use its Log spell (or Arrows, Barbarian Barrel, etc.) in a certain troop and then punish it for that by attacking or defending properly.

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Firstly there was only one bait deck that used Goblin Barrel but now you have more option decks with the introduction of Skeleton Barrel or Goblin Drill cards.

Keep reading to see more about Log Bait decks and how to get the most of them.

Top 10 Log Bait decks

Here are the best Log Bait decks in Clash Royale, starting from TOP 1 to TOP 10:

1. Classic Log Bait deck


copy this deck

This is the classic Log Bait deck, and it’s been around since ever. It’s one of the most played decks in Clash Royale.

Fast Cycle deck with strong defensive units thanks to Inferno Tower and Knight. 

Possible attack combinations:

  • Goblin Barrel
  • Knight + Goblin Barrel
  • Knight + Goblin Gang when they use Log/Arrows/Zap

Rocket as defense card and offense when you get value out of it by using it on enemy’s tower.

You can change Inferno Tower for Tesla, Ice Spirit for Electro Spirit, and Knight for Valkyrie.

2. Log Bait deck with Prince


copy this deck

Another classic log bait deck that’s been strong for a long time. 

It has more bait cards than the previous one due to Dart Goblin and Rascals. In this case, you don’t have a structure like Tesla or Inferno Tower so the Prince has an important role as your defensive card.

Check out the following post about Prince decks. Also, this is the best deck for Arena 14.

3. Double Log Bait deck


copy this deck

You can see that you have two win conditions in this deck: Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Barrel.

In this case, you also have Zap bait cards like Skeleton Barrel and Skeleton Army.

You don’t have a strong spell as Rocket, so you must be constantly attacking to destroy the enemy tower.

4.  Royal Giant Log Bait deck


copy this deck

Strange but powerful deck, it has no spells but those are not necessary at all in this case.

Constant pressure with Goblin Barrel and Royal Giant.

Great defense with Mega Knight, Prince, and Skeleton Army. The bait defensive bait cards are Princess, Dart Golbin, and Skeleton Army.

Check out the following post about Royal Giant decks and Mega Knight decks.

5. Double Log Bait deck with Bomb Tower


copy this deck

Similar deck to the Top 3 but with a faster cycle and AoE defense due to Bomb Tower.

This deck is made to suffocate your enemy, not allowing him to breathe at any time due to the pressure it exerts.

6. Goblin Drill Prince Log Bait deck


copy this deck

Same as the Top 2 deck but using Goblin Drill instead.

In this case, Goblin Drill can be also used as a defensive card if you have no choice, but it’s still your win condition, so try to defend with your other cards.

Try to use the Goblin Drill in front of the enemy’s Tower to make one goblin hit it always.

7. Fast Cycle Log Bait deck


copy this deck

This deck has a good defense with Tesla and Knight and added the Rocket to finish some troops, almost stopping any push.

Your fast cycle will make your opponent go crazy trying to defend your Goblin Barrels. Be sure to apply pressure cosntantly.

8. Mortar Log Bait deck


copy this deck

In this case, you have Mortar and Skeleton Barrel as your win conditions.

Also, the Mortar is a great defensive structure. Combined with Knight and Musketeer, this deck has a great defense.

Possible attack combinations:

  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Knight + Skeleton Barrel
  • Knight + Goblin Gang
  • Mortar

9. Bandit Log Bait deck


copy this deck

This deck uses Bandit and Cannon Card as defensive and counter-attack cards. It’s not like the rest of the Log Bait decks because Bandit and Cannon Card are not used as bait units.

Besides that, this deck has a strong defense and powerful attack.

You can always try Bandit at the river to see which defenses the enemy has and also apply pressure.

10.  Goblin Drill Log Bait deck


copy this deck

Same deck as the Classic Log Bait deck but using Goblin Drill instead of Goblin Barrel.

Goblin Drill can be used as a defensive card added to the Inferno Tower (a double structure deck is dirty!).

Log Bait deck TIPS

  • As you might have noticed, 9 out of the 10 decks previously seen uses the Princess. This is because the key to success with using Log Bait cards is to make your Princess survive and try to accumulate more than one on the Arena. Be sure to protect it with cards like Knight, Prince, etc. 
  • Rocket value to victory. Rocket costs 6 Elixir, make sure to use it properly. Do not use it on a single elixir time to a 4 Elixir unit even if you hit the tower, it will put you at an important elixir disadvantage that your opponent will not miss. 
  • Know enemy’s cycle and cards in hand, this is necessary to know when to attack with your Log Bait cards and when not to. The Log costs 2 Elixir and your Goblin Barrel 3, so the opponent will get a +1 value each time, that’s why this is important.

Now I’ll show you some decks that are Spell Bait-based, not necessarily The Log, for example, Zap, Fireball, or Poison.

Copy your favorite one!

Spell Bait decks

Mirror Spell Bait deck

goblin barrel furnace mirror deck

Royal Hogs Mother Witch deck

Royal Hogs mother witch deck

Wall Breakers Goblin Barrel deck


Mega Knight Spell bait deck


Golem Clone deck


Double Hut Fireball bait deck

Spawner Mega Knight deck

Hog Rider Bait deck


Lava Hound Fireball bait deck

Lava Hound Miner

Royal Hogs Bandit Fireball bait deck

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