TOP 10 Grand Challenge decks


Whether you are a new player or a well-experienced player, here are a lot of Grand Challenge decks for you to play with!

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Here you’ll see the Top 10 best decks for Grand Challenge but they can be used as well on Classic Challenges, don’t worry about it. 

The good thing about these Challenges is that are level 9 capped, so it’s pretty easy to have them at this level to play.

As we explained on the best way to spend Gems post, Classic, and Grand Challenges are the most efficient way to use your Gems, especially if you don’t have a max account.

Let’s continue with the best Grand Challenge decks, and how to play them.

Best Grand Challenge Decks

Top 1. Goblin Drill Wall Breakers deck

Goblin-Drill-Wall-Breakers-cyclecopy this deck

This deck has a 2.8 elixir cost. It’s based on a super-fast cycle and good defense with Tesla and the rest of the cards.

Your attack is based on Goblin Drill and Wall Breakers, which can be played together at the same attack (using the Goblin Drill as a tank for the Wall Breakers) or by themselves.

You may have some trouble dealing with Lava Hound decks, as your main defense is Tesla. In order to succeed with it, you have to punish the enemy once the Lava Hound is placed, and also try to activate your King Tower using Tesla in the center of the arena and then Goblin Drill in front of your King Tower so the Balloon will explode there.

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Top 2. Goblin Drill Bridge Spam deck

Bridge-Spam-with-Goblin-Drillcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.8 elixir cost. These two first decks are also the best Goblin Drill decks, so as you can see the Goblin Drill is a powerful card.

In this deck, you have to defend properly and then counter-attack with your Spam cards. You can also see Ram Rider instead of Goblin Drill.

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Top 3. Electro Giant deck

Electro Giant Mother witch deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 4.4 elixir cost. You have a really good defense against every single deck combined with a super-strong attack with Electro Giant, considered one of the best tanks in the game.

Be sure to combine the Tornado with the Electro Giant in offense to gather all troops against him in order to activate its stun/damage ability.

Mother Witch provides a Fireball Bait potential and also a strong counter push due to its summoned Pigs. Check out the following post about Mother Witch decks.

Top 4. P.E.K.K.A. Ram Rider deck

Pekka-Ram-Rider-deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 4.1 elixir cost. It’s considered right now the best Pekka deck in Clash Royale. You can also swap the Ram Rider for the Goblin Drill.

Great deck for Challenges and also for Ladder.

Be sure to follow your defense with a counter-attack, the Pigs of Mother Witch combined with Bandit or Ram Rider will destroy your opponent’s Tower.

This deck has a defense for everything. Also, the Ram Rider well-placed stops a Balloon or a Hog Rider completely.

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Top 5. Lava Loon Fisherman deck

Lava-Loon-Fisherman-deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.8 elixir cycle, which is considered low-elixir for being a Lava Hound deck.

Great defense, possibility to activate your King Tower with the Fisherman, and good attack. This deck has everything.

If the opponent uses its air defense on a single lane, you can punish it by using a Balloon alone on the other one, which will eliminate the Tower.

Besides that, try to use your Lava Hound on double elixir time and pair it with your Balloon.

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Top 6. Royal Giant deck

Royal-Giant-Mother-Witch-deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.4 elixir cost. It’s a fast-cycle Royal Giant deck, considered one of the best Royal Giant decks in the game.

Able to defend and activate the King Tower with the Fisherman, good defense with Dark Prince and Mother Witch, also providing a great counter-attack.

In double elixir time, you’ll be able to cycle two Royal Giants if you start your attack behind your King Tower.

Top 7. Goblin Giant deck

Goblin-Giant-deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.9 elixir cost. It’s the strongest Goblin Giant deck.

You can change the Mother Witch for the Electro Wizard.

The Rage spell is the key here, it’s so good with all the cards on this deck. Use it in a combination with the Sparky and Goblin Giant to destroy the enemy’s defenses. Also, a raged Mini Pekka is unexpected and so powerful at the same time.

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Top 8. Golem deck

Golem-deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 4.1 elixir cost. This deck can defend almost everything due to the Goblin Cage + Tornado + AoE damage.

I’d recommend you to play defensively until double elixir and then use your Golem at the back. Only if the opponent uses its Tank early on, you should respond by doing the same.

On double Elixir, play your Golem from the back and use Night Witch and other stuff, easy as that. You can use Tornado offensively to gather things up and destroy them with Bomber and Baby Dragon.

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Top 9. Balloon Freeze deck

Balloon-Freeze-deckcopy this deck

This has a 4.0 elixir cost.

Balloon + Freeze together is a deadly combo, in this deck, you also add the Lumberjack rage, so it’s even better.

This deck has a great defense with Bowler + Tornado and double dragons. Even if they surpass it, you can always use defensive Freeze to stop everything.

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Top 10. P.E.K.K.A. Bridge Spam deck

pekka bridge spam deckcopy this deck

This deck has a 3.9 elixir cost. It’s a classic deck played for ages, been in the top for so many seasons.

Use your Battle Ram from behind or use it in the front as this is a Bridge Spam deck. Also, Battle Ram is used to kite the enemy troops to the other lane as it only stops when finding a building or dies.

Try to not give much value with Magic Archer near your Tower as it dies from a Fireball. Use it offensively at the bridge if you know that it will hit the troop + enemy tower.

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Hog Freeze deck


Royal Hogs deck


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