Best Decks for Arena 4 Clash Royale

best decks arena 4

With arena 4 comes legendary cards and therefore new possibilities to create very interesting decks, yet variety also becomes more complicated as you have to deal with cards you have never played before.

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With the new cards in play such as the Pekka and Wizard that are very useful, you will find all types of players here.

Don’t get obsessed with legendary cards because a well-leveled card is much more interesting than a new legendary card.

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Deck to increase trophies in arena 4 – The Best Deck

best deck arena 4

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This is the best deck for Arena 4, it includes the Legendary card Miner so if you unlock it, be sure to use this powerful deck.

Use the combo Miner + Goblin Barrel to destroy the enemy’s Tower. The Inferno Tower is a great defense card in this arena as the Zap isn’t acquired yet, so they can’t reset the Inferno Tower.

If you don’t have the Miner, you can use Giant to tank for the Goblin Barrel. The deck will be more expensive but still a good option to push trophies and get to the next arena.

As the Miner is complicated to get, here you’ll find more decks for this Arena 4 that will help you to win trophies that don’t use this Legendary Card.

Giant Wizard deck arena 4

Pekka deck Arena 4

Giant Skeleton deck Arena 4

Some tips for this arena

  • Remember that the Inferno Tower and the Cannon are cards that defend very well against the Giant, the Pekka and Battle Ram, so you should always try to carry one of these cards. You can change the Goblin Cage for the Inferno Tower or the Cannon on the above-mentioned decks.
  • Don’t get obsessed with legendary cards because they are not better than regular cards either, some just synergize better than others.
  • In this arena is where you have to start learning, you will see different decks, you will try faster decks, others more defensive, but you have to start knowing the mechanics of the game.

New cards in Arena 4

Here are the cards that can be obtainable from Arena 4:

  • Skeleton Dragons
  • Fire Spirit
  • Inferno Tower
  • Wizard
  • Giant Skeleton
  • P.E.K.K.A.
  • Miner
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Table of Contents