Best decks for arena 8 in Clash Royale

Clash Royale: Best decks for arena 8 of 2021 and pushing ladder

Let’s take a look at the decks that are working the best in Arena 8, you will find that each time the variety of cards is much greater than in other arenas and with it new challenges when it comes to defending yourself.

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That’s why this time we show you 2 very different decks that give very good results in Arena 8 Frozen Peak and some awesome decks that work very well.

Best Arena 8 Decks

2.6 Hog Rider cycle deck

Hog Rider 2.6

Balloon Cycle deck

Why are cycle decks the best in this arena?

Generally, cycle decks allow you to gradually take out the enemy tower and thus finish the game faster before the time runs out. These decks that cost so relatively low in elixir are basically about dropping and dropping cards into the arena to attack and defending in a very fast way.

Are very efficient when attacking and defending because they allow using the win condition constantly.

Another advantage of these decks is that the enemies will hardly know how to defend themselves against a constant attack of units and also, you will be getting a lot of skill in both defense and attack that will help you a lot in future arenas.

More awesome decks!

Royal Giant deck

Royal Giant deck arena 8

Giant Balloon Freeze deck

Mortar Miner deck arena 8

Giant Double Prince deck

giant double prince

Hog Rider Freeze cycle deck

New cards that you should consider using in your decks:

These cards are very useful without having them at the maximum level, although it is always recommended to have them at a high level, even so, the function they perform can be used without any problem.

  • Snowball
  • Ice Spirit
  • Ice Golem
  • Lightning
  • Freeze
  • Ice Wizard
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