Best Decks for Arena 7 in Clash Royale


Already in arena 7? Well, we are going to show you some very interesting decks for trophies that very few players will know how to counter.

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Best Arena 7 Deck โ€“ Giant Double Prince

giant double prince

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Giant Double-Prince deck, a typical deck that the enemy does not expect but that destroys the enemy tower. Undoubtedly the best deck for trophy pushing in these Arenas.

How to play it

At attack use the Giant as the main tank for the Double Prince. Usually, at single elixir time, you’ll be attacking using only one of them, as both Princes plus Giant is so expensive to attack with.ย 

In order to succeed with this deck, the best recommendation that I can give you is to play defensive, use both Princes to defend, and then use Giant in front to counter-attack.

If you know that the enemy doesn’t have any proper defense in hand, you can use Double Prince at the bridge to make a surprise attack.

In this deck, you can change Arrows for Bomber and Minions for Musketeer if you have them at a higher level.

Arena 7 No legendary Cards deck

Arena 7 no legendary cards

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If you are tired of the typical Hog Rider deck,ย this is the ultimate deck with which you will surprise your enemy, no doubt. The best thing is that it has no legendary cards so you are quite likely to have them at a good level. Especially the Hog Rider if youโ€™ve seen how important this one is for the trophy climb.

The basis of this deck is to use the giant skeleton to block enemy attacks while the Hog Rider goes through the entire enemy defense, if you are lucky and the giant skeleton leaves the bomb on the enemy defense, the damage caused will save you elixir when defending.

You can combine Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel or Giant Skeleton + Hog Rider for a devastating attack, it all depends on whether you want to keep more elixir to defend.

More amazing decks for arena 7

Giant + Prince+ Miner + Witch deck

giant witch deck

Giant + Balloon deck

giant balloon deck arena 6

Three Musketeers deck Arena 7

Royal Hogs deck Arena 7

royal hogs deck arena 7

Mega Knight deck Arena 7

Royal Giant deck Arena 7

royal giant deck arena 7

What should you keep in mind in this arena 7?

Royal Arena

The amount of cards is already increasing, and the players have different levels, probably more than you, so here comes the time to learn the decks, the functionality of each one, which one suits you better and which ones counteract the ones you can find in this Arena.

As a main recommendation, that you focus 100% on a deck that is working well for you, if you change, it is likely that you will not have the cards at the maximum level you need and therefore you will lose several games.

New cards in Arena 7

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