The best decks for every Arena and Card and type!

Whether you are a new player or a well experienced player, here are a lot of decks for you to play with!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

For each Arena

For each Card

Royal Giant

Royal giant deck

Ram rider


Mother Witch


Hog Roder

Hog rider

For type:

2 vs 2 Decks


Trophy Push


Free to play


Global Tournament


Log bait decks


As the name suggests, the main concept is to get the log thrown at you so you can do a lot of damage with other small units such as the goblin gang, the princess or the goblin barrel.


Spawner decks


This deck is based on creating structures like the Goblin Hut or the Furnace which are cards that constantly summon creatures, making them very tough to fight.

Siege decks

siege deck

These mallets are made to lay siege with other structures constantly, such as mortar or X-bow.

This type of decks are very useful because they are quite difficult to fight.

Beatdown decks


Beatdown type decks are those that consist of building a strong attack thanks to a tank with a lot of life. Generally the Giant, Lava Hound, Golem or Electro Giant are used. Check out all the decks that exist!

Slow control decks


This type of decks are oriented to slow play and attrition, thanks to cards such as the miner, poison, Hog rider, they allow to slowly chip the enemy towers.

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Albert Eroles

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