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Are you looking for a name for your clan and want some ideas to have the most epic name? Here we have compiled some names for you to use for your Clan.  Now you can have a very original name for your clan and many players will want to be part of it.

Epic names for your clan

Here is a list of 60 clan names that will help you to create your clan, be careful because they are very epic!

Table of Contents
  • Mountain Prowlers
  • Levelers of hell
  • Gladiators
  • Commanders
  • Giants of the arena
  • The rebels
  • Purgatory
  • Merciless
  • Infernal rebels
  • The gods of hell
  • Justice Troopers
  • Prodigies of nature
  • Citizens of justice
  • Company of the Force
  • Invaders of Fear
  • Internet pirates
  • Chaos Gods
  • Centurions of Dread
  • Battle Admirals
  • Force of Nature
  • The last legacy
  • Princes of CR
  • Demolishing Pekkas
  • Hog Rider lovers
  • legendary arena captains
  • Conquerors of the seas
  • My trophies
  • Trophy hunters
  • Sailors of Arenas
  • Unbeatable fighters
  • Fearless
  • Captains of galaxies
  • Defeaters of legends
  • Wolves of arenas
  • Trophy producers
  • Created to win
  • Ultimate Champion
  • Always victorious
  • Undefeated
  • Legionaries of victory
  • Guardians of the temple
  • Samurai of the Sands
  • Trophy snipers
  • Legendary admirals
  • Card hunters
  • Legendary is my name
  • Clash Royale Division
  • Uncontrolled fighters
  • Rogues of the night
  • Knights of the arena
  • No looking back
  • No sighing
  • Controllers of the seas
  • Summoners of the rift
  • Winning squadron
  • Knights of the day
  • My three towers
  • Golem lovers
  • Horus Team

These are some ideas we give you to create a name for your clan, you can combine some of these names and get something even more epic. Remember that to pay for the Clan, you will need 1,000 gold.

The best thing to do is to use these names we have given you to get something really cool and epic that everyone will want to join your clan.

How to get players into your clan?

Now with the Clan created and some friends already inside, you will have to look for players to benefit from the exchange of cards. Here are some tips on how to get more users into your Clan:

  • Set yourself clear goals: What do you want for your Clan? Compete in Tournaments? To be a Card Trading Clan? Compete against the best? Find friends? Make it clear in the description so that everyone can enter and enjoy your Clan and your goals. If you are a competitive Clan, don’t let just anyone come in and wreck the experience of others.
  • Go for the best: You have just played a game against a player with Clan and you think he would fit in your team? Contact him and tell him what you are looking for for your Clan, you will see how little by little you will fill the maximum number of players in your Clan.
  • Search for players on social networks: You will be surprised on Youtube channels, Instagram, Facebook, TIKTOK, the number of users you can sign up for your clan, never close this door.
  • Keep the clan always active: If all players in the Clan are happy, they will surely be more visible in the player table and therefore more likely that other players will be with that player they admire. If you stop caring for your clan, it is possible that the better players will go to a more competitive clan.
  • Be sure to look for the best members: As is normal, there will always be casualties in your team, with these tips do not let the great players or future promises escape you, sign whenever you can the best and be constant with it, you will see how far you get with your clan.
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