Websites to check your Clash Royale chest cycle

Discover your chest cycle

If you are looking to find out your next magic or legendary chest, you should know that you can find out using a very intuitive website. Chests are always the same for all players. Ready to find out when you’ll get your next legendary card? Let’s see!

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StatsRoyale image of their homepage is a page that allows you to see the cycle of chests as well as the top 200 decks, decks for each arena, etc… but in the end, what we are interested in now is the cycle of chests

To see the Chests Cycle, you will need to know your ID, it is as simple as going to your player profile, as shown in the image, and there in the profile, you will see your ID that you will need to enter in the website.

Discover yoru id

your id

My ID is #9PJ2P8Y8, yours will be totally different.

Once you have saved your ID, go to and enter your ID as I am doing.

place your id on statsroyale

Once you enter your ID you will see that a tab opens asking you to update, click on update, and in a few seconds, you will have the new window open with all the information, the number of trophies you have achieved, and the number of games you have played in your history.

If you scroll down all the way, you will see that there is your Chest Cycle, from the chests you will get soon, the next magic chest, giant chest, lightning chest, epic chest, and Legendary chest.

This is the easiest way to know your cycle of chests, although there is also another page that we will tell you about below.

DeckShop is much more oriented to choose a good deck for your tournaments, for the different arenas, copy decks of the best players, in short, find the best deck that fits your style of play. 


Deckshop has a section called deck shop spy and it is precisely oriented to see the information of other players, but we will use it to see the cycle of chests. The difference with Statsroyale is basically that they give you the information more directly and ignore the chests that are silver and gold.

To do so, just like in Statsroyale, find your ID and insert it on the page, just in the section that says Player, there you will have access to your cycle of chests.

How does the chest cycle work in Clash Royale?

The Chest Cycle is always regular, so every X chest will always be the same amount that you must obtain to get the same chest, such as the legendary chest.

Currently what all players do is check Deckshop or Statsroyale to get an idea of when you are going to get your magic chest, or legendary, so check these two websites if you want to find yourself with that chest that will give you the desired legendary card.

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Table of Contents