The Best way to spend Gems in Clash Royale

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Is it worth spending my gems on buying Gold in the shop? The answer is NO, but why? Here in this post, you will learn how to get the most out of your Gems and maximize their value.

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You have many options for spending your Gems, but do you know which one is the best?

How should I spend my Gems in Clash Royale?

That’s the big question.

There’s shop Special Offers, Daily Deals that cost gems to buy Cards or Chests (NEVER BUY THAT!!!), also Legendary Chests (which gives you a random Legendary card for 500 gems, so it’s not worth the try in my opinion), etc.

In the Special Shop Offers, Clash Royale shows you the value you get from buying that (x4, x6…), but this isn’t the best option always. These values came from this: 10,000 gold is equal to 100 gems, but in my opinion, gems should be valued better as you can’t do much with 10,000 gold, but a lot with 100 gems.

Best way to spend Gems in Clash Royale

Now that we’re on the same page, how do I spend my Gems to get the most value out of them? The answer will be always the same, Challenges and Global Tournament.

Here are the actual rewards of those:

Classic Challenge

To enter a Classic Challenge you have to spend 10 Gems and the rewards are the following:

Number of victoriesTotal PrizeGuaranteed cards cards
Gold gold
Cards cards
0130 gold2 cards—-
1180 gold3 cards—-
2240 gold5 cards—-
3310 gold8 cards—-
4390 gold12 cards1 Rare cards
5480 gold17 cards1 Rare cards
6590 gold23 cards2 Rares cards
7720 gold30 cards3 Rares cards
8880 gold38 cards3 Rares cards
91,080 gold48 cards4 Rares cards
101,330 gold61 cards6 Rares cards
111,630 gold78 cards7 Rares cards
122,000 gold100 cards1 Epic cards+ 10 Rares cards

Grand Challenge

To enter a Grand Challenge, you have to spend 100 Gems and the rewards are the following:

Number of victoriesTotal PrizeGuaranteed cards cards
Gold goldCards cards
01,400 gold20 cards2 Rares cards
11,900 gold30 cards3 Rares cards
22,500 gold50 cards5 Rares cards
33,200 gold85 cards8 Rares cards
44,000 gold130 cards1 Epic cards + 13 Rares cards (30% chance to obtain a second epic)
55,000 gold185 cards1 Epic cards + 18 Rares cards (85% chance to obtain a second epic)
66,200 gold250 cards2 Epics cards + 25 Rares cards (50% chance to obtain a third epic)
77,600 gold330 cards3 Epics cards + 33 Rares cards (30% chance to obtain a fourth epic)
89,300 gold420 cards4 Epics cards + 42 Rares cards (20% chance to obtain a fifth epic)
911,500 gold530 cards5 Epics cards + 53 Rares cards (30% chance to obtain a sixth epic)
1014,200 gold670 cards6 Epics cards + 67 Rares cards (70% chance to obtain a seventh epic)
1117,500 gold860 cards8 Epics cards + 86 Rares cards (60% chance to obtain a ninth epic)
1222,000 gold1,100 cards11 Epics cards + 110 Rares cards

Legendary cards have a certain percentage to be obtained in the chests. To see the percentages, take a look at the following post about the Chests drop rate in Clash Royale. But in resume, if you win a grand challenge and you’re in Legendary Arena,

Global/Royal Tournament

There are Free rewards and Bonus rewards, we’ll be touching the Bonus Rewards as are the ones obtained with 500 Gems.

Number of VictoriesRewards
1Legendary Chest
210,000 Gold
3Legendary Trade Token
4Epic Chest
510,000 Gold
6Epic Trade Token
7Giant Chest
810,000 Gold
9Rare Trade Token
10Legendary’s King Chest
1110,000 Gold
12Common Trade Token
13Chest Key
1410,000 Gold
15Magical Chest

In terms of Gold Value, if we get 1 victory, the reward is worth it, because a Legendary Chest costs 500 gems but, personally, even if the Gold Value is worth it, and based on my experience, you shouldn’t get the Bonus Reward if you don’t obtain at least 10 Wins on this Global Tournament.

We cannot forget the special offers in the Clash Royale store. In them, as I have already explained, there is a value multiplier in comparison to buying gold in the store. It is for this reason that you can not always trust the offers. There are some offers that are very good and you can take them, but I do not recommend to buy all offers you see.


Now I’m giving you the final tips to spend your gems:

  • The best way to use your Gems is by playing Classic or Grand Challenges, especially if you’re a good player (from 4-9 victories, some shop offers will be good for you, but not if you’re a constant 10+ win player).
  • For Global Tournaments, as soon as you are able to take the Legendary King’s Chest, spend 500 Gems is worth it for you, especially if you’re not a maxed player.
  • I do not recommend buying Emotes on the store as they cost 250 Gems, but it’s always good to have some for BM 😉
  • For Special Challenges that cost Gems to enter, if you know that you’re able to win it on the first try and the rewards are worth it for you, just go for it. If not, I’d tell you to not play it, as it might not be useful to you.
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