Albert Eroles
Albert Eroles

I've been a gamer since I was very young, I can't imagine a day without playing something, even if it's on my mobile phone. I love discovering new games and making the most of them. I currently work as an SEO specialist and copywriter at GaminGGuides.

Chests Clash Royale

Chests Clash Royale – Drop rate (2021)

Currently, there are 15 different Chests in Clash Royale: Wooden Chest Crown Chest Silver Chest Golden Chest Magical Chest Giant Chest Epic Chest Legendary Chest Lightning Chest Mega Lightning Chest Fortune Chest

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Good Decks with Lava Hound

The Lava Hound is one of the best legendary cards as it’s the only flying tank in the game and, when it dies, the Lava Pups appear and deal damage

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