About Gamingguides

The idea of developing this website came up a long time ago when Marc Maseras and Albert Eroles were talking about creating a website that would really help gamers to find all kinds of content by real experts in the field. We love to play and enjoy all kinds of videogames, from MMORPG, MOBAs, RPG, or any card game for mobile devices.

From Spain and with a lot of desire to create content for Gamingguides we have started this path to offer from a true gamer’s perspective a good experience to the reader, we want you to come back and visit us again!

We know that games on mobile devices are increasingly booming and we try to move between this vertical, although we still play (and a lot) console and computer games.

Editorial team

For now, we are Marc Maseras and Albert Eroles at the controls of this project, but we do not hesitate to incorporate a new member if he can fit the profile we are looking for. Marc Maseras is more focused on didactic writing and Albert Eroles on design, structure, and editorial content.

The content is 100% written by us and tested by us on the games we enjoy, for this reason, you will find the content very focused on what is really important.

What motivated us to create this website?

Really the purpose of this website is to make a project where players who do not have much idea or who want to improve their game, enter Gamingguides to see what is the best thing they can do to improve in each game.

We saw many websites with very ambiguous results and we go to what is really important, the reader.