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Games that take place in open worlds are the best. You can spend weeks glued to the screen without getting bored thanks to the fact that they don’t have many limitations and allow you to do a lot of things without interrupting the development of the story.

Grand Theft Auto saga is one of the greatest exponents of this genre and has billions of sales worldwide since its first installment. Have you played it? Haven’t you played it?

However, there are some people who don’t completely go with the development of this game that hovers around the underworlds. If you like open-world games, here’s a series of games that bear some resemblance to GTA V, but go their own way.

When it comes to open-world games, you can’t go wrong.

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Red Dead Redemption


We start the selection with a Rockstar title, just like GTA V, but this time set in a different universe.

Red Dead Redemption is set in the Wild West and, as you can imagine, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything you’ve ever seen in a western.

This title features an incredible narrative and really highly polished characters. But what stands out about this game is how huge is its universe and the very careful setting. It’s like living in a cowboy movie from beginning to end.

In the story, you will play the role of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw, a member of the Van der Linde gang. Like any outlaw in the Wild West, your life will be full of action and dangerous confrontations with other gangs and even the sheriff and law enforcement.

Use different weapons and vehicles throughout the development of the game to overcome the missions… wait, not VEHICLES, but rather horses; remember that we are in the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption will not miss the action throughout its plot, which is quite extensive and entertaining and, as is normal in this type of game, you can do many side missions that, far from being boring, will make you enjoy a lot.

This game is for you if:

  • You like the Wild West.
  • You’re a fan of Rockstar.

Watch Dogs 2


This Ubisoft title takes you through the streets of San Francisco and puts them at your disposal using hacking.

In this story, you’ll step into the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker whose main mission is to destroy a gigantic multinational technology corporation by fighting fire against fire.

This game resembles GTA mostly because of the open-world concept, but it’s far from following the story of street gangs and the criminal world. As well as being able to hack numerous devices, you’ll also be able to use firearms and blunt objects.

Steal cars and motorcycles to get from one place to another quickly, complete missions, and achieve your goals. You can deviate a bit from the main story by enjoying side missions while polishing your skills and obtaining resources.

This game, as you can see, is the sequel to Watch Dogs, which is also an excellent title. However, Ubisoft has really nailed it in the development of the sequel, so I recommend you try both, but this one is undoubtedly better.

Watch Dogs is for you if you:

  • You like games that take advantage of technology to develop your story.
  • You want to traverse a world inspired by the city of San Francisco.

Mafia III


This title is one of the most GTA V-like of the entire selection. This time you’ll be Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran with an immense thirst for revenge, and you’ll have to roam the streets of New Bordeaux (sort of like a fictional New Orleans in 1968) to completely destroy the mafia that has taken over the city.

This particular title is quite raw and violent, so we must warn you that it’s not for everyone. Like GTA, you can freely roam the city in search of missions, resources, and other things, where what stands out most is unscrupulous violence.

The game has some of the same features as GTA.

This game has some remarkable aspects that you won’t find in many games of the genre. And is that to defeat enemies, you can opt for various means, not only will you have to face with fists or firearms, but you can also do it with stealth techniques!

The other highlight of this game is that you can choose to defeat enemies, with stealth techniques

The other aspect to highlight is the possibility to practice interrogating enemies. If you want, you can get some valuable information out of them that will help you eliminate enemies and control Italian mafia positions more easily. Remember, knowledge is power and in Mafia III power is all that matters.

Mafia III may appeal to you if you:

  • You want to play games related to the Italian mafia.
  • You’re looking for a different game, one that features several combat alternatives.
  • You want to see what it’s like to be able to interrogate your enemies.

Yakuza 0


Despite not having maps as expansive as GTA, the ability to roam around at will and the great amount of additional content it provides the player, make Yakuza 0 worthy of a place in the selection.

This title is part of a saga that contains several installments and, although it is not the first of them, it does take place chronologically before the other titles, as well as being a favorite of gamers.

The game’s main character, Yakuza 0, is the first of several titles to be released.

In this story, you will be able to use two characters, each with a distinctive fighting style and that can adapt better or worse to your way of playing, as well as having each one their own gameplay path.

Just as there are 2 characters with 2 different stories, there are also 2 cities to explore. What is unique in both cases is that you will fight against the Yakuza in the main story, and in the case of the side missions, they are quite entertaining and funny. not to be missed!

As a noteworthy feature, you can upgrade each protagonist using points to give them skills and abilities, facilitating the journey and development of the story. But don’t think that just upgrading the characters will be enough. You must polish your combat skills if you want to defeat the Japanese mafia.

Play Yakuza 0 if you:

  • Martial arts are your thing.
  • Yakuza 0 is your game.
  • You want a game that’s a little more lighthearted and fresh, but also challenging.

Scarface: The World Is Yours


As its name suggests, this title is based on the universe of the movie of the same name. You’ll be in the shoes of none other than Tony Montana, and your main mission will be to seek revenge as you raze everything to the ground and take over territories.

Although it bears the same name as the movie and you play as the protagonist of the movie, the development changes a bit, so it could be said that the game can be seen more as a sequel.

In essence, the game is actually very similar to GTA. It has a lot of elements like guns, drugs, and money. Come on, that’s what characterizes the Italian mafia.

You’ll fight against other gangs and the police, but you won’t do it alone. You’ll have to recruit members to help you and grow, as well as expand the business to earn more money and power. All this in order to take over the world.

Something remarkable about this game is that it makes you feel like in the movie, as Tony Montana’s personality is identical, which makes the most fans of this classic movie enjoy this title in all its splendor.

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a good choice for you if:

  • You are a fan of the 1983 film
  • You want to play as Tony Montana.
  • You’re interested in getting into a war inside the mob.

Saints Row


Saints Row is a saga that is full of action and follows the open-world concept that we can find in GTA V. This time you will play as the leader of the largest and most powerful organization in the world, the 3rd Street Saints.

In the 3rd installment, you will have the mission to guide your gang, which is not going through a very good time after having reached the top due to the emergence of a new rival organization.

Your kingdom will be in danger from the threat posed by The Syndicate, an alliance between rival gangs that aim to wrest power from you, but they don’t count on the fact that you’re a pretty capable leader and won’t be willing to give up so easily.

In your favor is the support of your gang members and a good amount of weapons and vehicles with which you’ll be able to defend your control of Steelport to the death.

Saints Row has a story a little crazy and quite out of the ordinary, but at the same time very funny and that has had a very good response from the public. You can customize your character almost infinitely thanks to a large number of clothes available.

Saints Row will appeal to you if you:

  • You like to play in co-op mode
  • You’re looking for a game that’s less serious and full of craziness and action.

Sleeping Dogs


Set in Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs immerses you in the world of the Chinese mafia. Your role in this story will be that of an undercover agent, named Wei Shen, who seeks to destroy the mafia that dominates Hong Kong.

The particular aspect of this game is its fighting style. While you can use firearms to defeat enemies, the developers do justice to Chinese culture, allowing you to use martial arts to dominate opponents.

You’ll be able to find a plethora of close-range weapons for Wei Shen to flaunt his physical power and fighting skills, as well as allowing you to harness anything around you to defeat. Everything can be a weapon.

And, as you’d expect from an open-world game, vehicles have their share of the limelight.

While Sleeping Dogs’ central story is really good, very well nurtured, and entertaining, it’s not the only thing that will keep you playing for hours.

The side games are also excellent. You’ll be able to everything from competing in fight clubs to go on dates with attractive women. Bet on cockfights or run races just for fun.

The truth is that Sleeping Dogs is a very accomplished game in which special attention to detail has been paid and, definitely, the result leaves no room for doubt: it’s a game you HAVE to try.

Play Sleeping Dogs if you:

  • You’re looking for a variety of quality content.
  • You like games that involve the Chinese mafia.

Just Cause 3


Just Cause 3 tells the story of Rico Rodriguez, who returns to what was his home in the past, Medici, an island located in the Mediterranean. Once he arrives home, Rico learns that his island is no longer the place he once knew, as it is now ruled by a dictator.

Your mission as Rico Rodriguez will be to overthrow the tyrant and restore tranquility to Medici.

The story really isn’t too appealing and didn’t receive very good reviews. But don’t let that put you off, because if the title is in this selection it’s because it’s worth a try.

The fundamental aspect of this game is the action. The development of the game is full of action and scenes involving big explosions and endless destruction.

But what really makes Just Cause 3 stand out is its map. It’s a ridiculously large map, one of the largest you’ll find in any title in the genre, and you’ll be able to explore it.

Luckily for you, you can take courses in different kinds of vehicles. Not only cars but also different types of air and sea vehicles, there’s even a hook that will be of great help to you.

As mentioned before, a characteristic aspect of Just Cause 3 is that there is a lot of destruction. You can knock down numerous structures and destroy certain terrain. And is that the vastness of the map gives you unlimited options to face the combats.

Just Cause 3 will appeal to you if you:

  • You like to explore huge maps that are also interactive
  • You want to try out lots of different vehicles.
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